Got Firewood?  We Do!

The A. Johnson Co., LLC sells both green and kiln-seasoned firewood. We produce our firewood from low-grade hardwood logs that are too poor to use for making lumber in the sawmill. Much of this wood comes from the long-term sustainable harvesting on our own property; the rest is purchased on the open market. All of the wood for firewood is harvested locally within a 50-mile radius of Bristol.

We produce a high quality product and deliver a good value to our customers. Our firewood is made from quality hardwoods, Hard Maple, Beech, White Ash, Soft Maple, Red Oak and Yellow Birch with occasionally a log of some other hardwood species. In all of our firewood products some pieces will vary in length due to mixed length logs going through the processor. Our delivery truck has boxes sized to give the customer a fair volume. In 2008 we purchased a CordKing Compact firewood processor with a 60" circular saw. We also built steel bins for seasoning firewood in our lumber drying kilns. The heat for the drying process in our kilns comes from burning our manufacturing byproducts, bark and chips, in our Chiptec gasification system. We do not burn oil to dry our lumber or firewood.

Seasoning and Heat Treatment

Our firewood is kiln-seasoned so that most of the pieces are in the 15 to 20 percent moisture content range, with a general maximum of 25 percent in the bigger pieces. When we dry lumber, we dry it to 6% to 8% moisture content, which is fine for kindling but not for larger pieces of firewood. Trying to burn a number of pieces of firewood at 10% moisture or less can be difficult to control in a wood stove, possibly damaging the stove or your home by causing overheating. The increase in heat value of very dry wood over wood at 20 percent moisture content is small, generally not more than 3 percent, and is outweighed by the potential for overheating.

During seasoning the kilns are heated to between 180 and 200 deg. F for four to five days. Our kiln-seasoned firewood is excellent for standard home wood stoves and for the new, high efficiency gasification boilers, both indoor and outdoor styles.

We are certified by the State of Vermont for heat-treating firewood. The heat-treatment process kills all the insects in or on the wood as well as killing mold and fungus. This allows us to ship firewood where a quarantine is in place to guard against such species as the Asian longhorn beetle, the emerald ash borer and other invasive pests. We use electronic probes in pieces of firewood distributed throughout the kiln, documenting for every load that we significantly exceed the requirements for heat treatment of firewood.

Payment and Delivery

We require payment before delivery. We accept cash, check and MasterCard or Visa at our office before delivery and also accept cash or check upon delivery. If you are not home when we arrive and you forget to leave the payment, our driver will come home without unloading. To return for delivery will require payment of another delivery charge.

Unless there is a major weather event (snow, wind or rain), we will make our delivery to you as scheduled. If you need to change your delivery date, please let us know at least one day before your previously scheduled delivery.

We will make our best effort to put the firewood where you would like it. However, our drivers may decide that the requested delivery spot presents a chance of damaging either your property or ours. Please respect their decision about where we can safely unload and choose a different location. We will drive on your lawn if you specifically request it, provided that it is firm enough to support the truck. However, you need to approve this because the truck WILL damage your lawn and we will not accept responsibility for that damage.

Once delivered, proper storage of your firewood will help keep it in good condition and give you the most value from your purchase. Simply covering the wood with a tarp after piling it is a good start, while storage in a shed is an even better option. Keeping the wood dry, letting some air pass through the pile and avoiding direct contact with the ground will help maintain the heating value of your firewood and reduce, but not eliminate, the likelihood of bugs living in the woodpile.

We have wood available at all times to cut, split and dry for your needs. Please review how a cord of firewood is defined and measured.

See our Firewood Pricing by Towns. For other pricing, delivery and details call: (802) 453-4884 (Monday through Friday 7:30am - 4:30pm).

Firewood processing operation

You may also pick firewood up with your own vehicle during our normal business hours.

We are Vermont Heat-Treatment Certified!

Firewood processing

Available Firewood
16" cut and split, dry $410 per cord
16" cut and split, green $350 per cord
22" cut and split, green only
16" cut and not split, green only
22" cut and not split, green only
Prices are subject to change without notice. See our Firewood Pricing by Towns. For other firewood pricing or delivery charges, call: (802) 453-4884.
What is a Cord?

The cut and NOT split firewood works well for people with outdoor boilers and is made from smaller wood, generally in the 6" to 12" diameter range.

Outdoor boiler wood

Dry and green wood in bins