The A. Johnson Co., LLC produces lumber for both wholesale sales and retail sales. We have strongly supported the SFI program for sustainable timber harvesting for many years, believing that certification is important to the long-term viability of the forest products industry. See our forestry page for more information about and links to the various programs promoting sustainability. All timber harvested off company lands or under the supervision of a company forester is first party SFI certified.

Ring debarker infeed with log step feeder

Double-cut headrig

Hardwood species: Hard Maple, Soft maple, Red Oak, White Oak, Yellow Birch, Black Cherry, Hickory, Basswood, Butternut

Hardwood species are available both wholesale and retail.

Green sorter

Letting down a bundle of graded dry hard maple at the dry sorter for stacking and sending to our customers.

Logs start through the sawmill at a new Nicholson 35” ring debarker, which does an excellent job of removing the bark without damaging the valuable, high quality fiber on the outside of the log. From there the logs are conveyed to a 6-foot double-cut band headrig with a Silvatech photocell scanner for primary breakdown. Farther downstream in the mill is a 7-foot band resaw, a Cornell scrag edger with controls updated by Autolog in 2008 and a Sanborn style drop-saw trimmer. Once out of the mill, the lumber goes to our green lumber sorter and stacker system, manufactured by HEMCO and with new sorter controls by Autolog in 2003.

Once the lumber is stacked for drying, the lumber is loaded into one of our 9 dry kilns with in-kiln platform scales and computer based controls by SII. This control system provides excellent control of the drying process, producing evenly dried, bright colored and well conditioned lumber for our many customers around the world. After drying, the lumber is graded again at our dry lumber sorter with Silvatech controls. We work very hard to provide our customers with high quality lumber that is well manufactured, stress free, on grade and ready when promised.

Hardwood cant in process at the sawmill

Green lumber sorter grading station

Green lumber sorter from below, sorting bays

Green lumber storage, staged for dry kiln

Wholesale dry lumber storage

Upstairs view of dry sorter with lumber under chains heading toward sorting bays.

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